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Art Therapy:

is a mental health profession that fosters emotional and social development through a creative process and applied psychological theory. Rather than traditional talk therapy, art therapy allows one to use the art-making process and product as a metaphoric means to address one's problems. The art-making process allows for one to gain insight, relieve social and emotional issues, and learn coping strategies to use in one's everyday life without the need for language. 

  • Who can adminster art therapy?
    Art therapists: have a Master's degree in art therapy. study psychology and theory of mind as well as fine arts. earned specific credentials and state licensing.
  • How is art therapy different from art education?
    Art therapists focus on the art-making process and encourage clients to create art to work through challenges and gain a greater persepective of one's self. Art educators focus on teaching technique and mastering artistic skill.
  • Who is art therapy for?
    Art therapy is for people of all ages (toddlers - geriatrics) in need of therapeutic support. It serves people with: - learning disabilities - impulsivity - social and emotional development challenges - communication challenges - behavioral challenges - anxiety - stress - regressed self-awarness - regressed self-esteem
  • What does art therapy address?
    - social skills development - communication skills - emotional development - self expression - insight - executive functioning skills - mindfulness - confidence - development and utilization of strategies to managae social and emotional needs
  • Do I need to be an artist to do art therapy?
    No! Art therapy is not about artistic quality or skill. When appropriate, learning specific techniques can be part of a therapy session, but being an artist is not a requirement. Whether you are a master artist or have little to zero experience with art, art therapy is a creative, non-judgemental experience that allows you to develop insight and work on social and emotional problems.
  • What is therapeutic tutoring?
    Therapeutic tutoring is a service that Sophia Saad created to help children with reading challenges. It integrates art therapy and reading tutoring to address the emotional and physical effects of one's learning challanges, to increase one's confidence as a learner and their ability to manage and use strategies to support them in and out of the classroom.
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