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Sophia believes that growth, insight, and change develops when you feel confident to address your challenges, make mistakes, try something new, and learn. For many clients, whether a child, adolescent, or young adult, mistakes, expression, and being vulnerable are intimidating and uncomfortable. If you are looking for emotional and social support, or therapeutic tutoring, Saad Art Therapy can help you confidently address your challenges. Sophia's practice is unique, referring to both art therapy and special education, her therapeutic approach naturally encourages a growth mindset, allowing clients to be active participants in their development.

Art therapy and mindfulness are provided for children, adolescents, and young adults seeking social and emotional support. Clients are supported and guided into developing a greater sense of self, increased confidence, and mental clarity. Sessions are tailored to meet the client's needs through an art therapy-based approach. Understanding that the mind and body are connected and affect each other, mindfulness and yoga are utilized to regulate and be in tune with the body's cues.  

Therapeutic tutoring is offered for children seeking reading support and academic readiness. It is important to recognize that children with learning disabilities often experience self-doubt, anxiety, and physical discomfort in academic and social environments. They can develop an unhealthy view of school and insecurities of themselves as learners and as social members of their communities. By incorporating art therapy or yoga with educational services, Sophia helps students find academic success and self-esteem as learners.

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