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Sophia Saad worked as a special education teacher and art therapist in New York City for an extensive period of time. Working in a prestigious, private, special education school in Manhattan, she taught students with various learning differences using a multisensory, individualized approach across all content areas.

During her time in the classroom, Sophia recognized the need to provide children with (and without) language-based learning differences an opportunity to express themselves in ways other than through their words. With a B.S. in special education, Sophia pursued a master’s degree and license in art therapy in the state of New York. She saw the need for and developed a school-based art therapy program that targeted emotional and social development as well as executive functioning skills and self-awareness. Through Sophia's art therapy program, she built students’ confidence and increased their understanding of their strengths and challenges. Students were supported in recognizing and implementing individualized strategies and techniques to maintain regulation and address social and emotional situations.

As an art therapist and educator, Sophia was motivated to provide her expertise and support to children and young adults and began Saad Art Therapy. Utilizing her experience in the field of development, education, and mental health, Sophia built a therapeutic practice that addresses the whole individual. Saad Art Therapy is your home for a therapeutic approach to social, emotional, and cognitive development. It is a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment to work through struggles and in return find joy, confidence, and relief.

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