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Educational services are provided for children and young adolescents. Both reading development and academic organizational skills are offered in a private session to best meet your child's needs. Visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and artistic expressions are integrated into sessions to provide a multisensory approach.

Being in the special education field for over 12 years, Sophia understands that a child must feel safe and confident in themselves as students to learn and take risks in the classroom. Therapeutic tutoring is a combination of Orton Gillingham-based reading support with a segment of art therapy to address the whole child; their reading development and academic self-esteem. Clients are provided with a structured, sequential method for reading development, and art therapy activities for academic confidence, regulation, and cognitive strategies.

  • reading 

  • reading comp. 

  • academic readiness

  • academic confidence

  • regulation 

  • individualized strategies, "tools"

  • organization and planning

  • executive functioning skills 

Private session are offered to address:

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