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mental health.

Mental health services are provided for young adults, adolescents, children, and parents. Sessions are tailored to meet the client's needs through an art therapy-based approach. Understanding that the mind and body are connected and affect each other, mindfulness and yoga are utilized to regulate and be in tune with the body's cues.  

Saad Art Therapy provides both mental health and academic services for children and young adults.

art therapy

Art, in its many forms, is the least threatening and personalized activity found to help individuals communicate and express themselves. Art therapy allows one to express themselves without relying on verbal language. It is a welcoming form of expression that helps individuals communicate and gain greater insight into their needs, challenges, and strengths.

mindfulness & yoga

Yoga and mindfulness, historically proven practices, help individuals connect to their minds and bodies, improving self-regulation, attention, and awareness of one's self and needs. It allows for stretching, exertion, and quiet focus on one’s physical and mental self. Like art, there is no incorrect yoga or meditation; there is only the individual’s version.


Saad Art therapy offers private sessions for children and young adolescents. The services are tailored to address each client's needs.  

therapeutic tutoring

Therapeutic tutoring is Sophia's approach to reading and academic support. It is a combination of Orton Gillingham-based reading support with a segment of art therapy to address the whole child; their reading development and academic esteem. Using the Orton Gillingham approach, clients are provided with a structured, sequential method for reading development. Being in the special education field for over 10 years, Sophia understands that each child learns in their own way, which is why other multisensory programs, such as Sounds in Motions are utilized. In addition, the art therapy activities promote academic confidence, regulation, and cognitive strategies.

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