My Method 

Saad Art Therapy and Educational Services is an art therapy-based approach to emotional and cognitive growth. No matter the type of processing a child relies on- visual, kinesthetic, auditory, artistic expression is a common denominator among all. Art, in its many forms, is the least threatening and most easily personalized activity found to help children of all ages communicate and express themselves. Art therapy allows children to express themselves without the need for language. It is a welcoming form of expression that helps one communicate and gain greater insight into one's needs, challenges, and strengths. 


Understanding that the mind and body need to be relaxed and “available for learning,” Sophia found that yoga and breathwork, a historically proven practice, helps children connect to their mind and body, improving self-regulation and attention. Yoga allows for stretching, exertion, and quiet focus on one’s physical self. Like art, there is no incorrect yoga; there is only the child’s version of yoga. 


Using the Orton Gillingham approach, students are provided with a structured, sequential method for reading development. Being in the special education field for over 10 years, Sophia understands that each child learns in their own way, which is why other multisensory programs, such as Sounds in Motions are utilized.


Saad Art therapy offers individual sessions and small group sessions. The services are combined and tailored to address each client's needs; therefore, sessions may not include all three services. 


Art Therapy



  • Self-development

  • ADHD and Impulsivity

  • Learning Differences 

  • Social Development

  • Executive Functioning

  • Flexible Thinking

  • Anxiety and Stress Reduction

  • Movement

  • Meditation

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Mindfulness

  • Body Regulation

  • Reading 

  • Reading Comp. 

 Services for Professionals



  • Workshops

  • Consulting  

Saad Art Therapy
Social-Emotional-Cognitive Growth 

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