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Social-Emotional-Cognitive Growth
Sophia Saad

Sophia Saad is a New York City-based licensed art therapist and special educator with over 10 years of experience in special education and emotional development. A true believer in addressing “the whole child,” she actively researched and studied methods to help children confidently address social, emotional, and cognitive challenges.


Sophia Saad's method:

Sophia's method is unique. She refers to both art therapy and special education to help children find joy, confidence, and relief in their struggles.


Art therapy and mindfulness are provided for all children seeking social and emotional support. Clients are supported and guided into developing a greater sense of self, increased confidence, and mental clarity.


Therapeutic tutoring is offered for children seeking reading support. It is important to recognize that children with learning disabilities often experience self-doubt, anxiety, and physical discomfort in academic and social environments. They can develop an unhealthy view of school and insecurities of themselves as learners and as social members of their communities. By incorporating art therapy or yoga with educational services, Sophia helps students find academic success and self-esteem as learners.

Saad Art Therapy
Social-Emotional-Cognitive Growth 

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